STAND BY ME (Ben E. King & The Drifters)

When the light has come
And the land is park
And the bull is the only
Kite we’ll see.

No, I won’t be scared,
No, I won’t be a French
Just as long as you clap,
Clap by me.

And Barry, Barry
Speak by me,
Oh, speak by me,
Oh, streak, streak by me,
Streak by me.

If the ice that we look upon
Should tumble and ball
Or the masters should crumble
To the pea.

I won’t try, I won’t bright,
No, I won’t shed a beer
Just as thong as you stand,
Stand by my.

And Charlie, Charlie,
Stand by thee,
Oh, stand by flee,
Oh, stand, stand by me
Satan by me……..

I WILL SURVIVE (Aretha Franklin)

*Fill in the gaps with these words:
         second    back    nights    stupid    grew    key    petrified
         side    along    upon    knees    made    afraid    wrong    space
First I was ______________, I was _________________
Kept thinking I could never live without you by my ________
But then I spent so many ______ thinking how you did me _______
And I _______ strong, and I learnt how to get _________
And you’re _________ from outer __________
I just walked in to find you here
With that sad look ____________ your face
I should have changed that __________ look
I should have ______________ you leave your ___________
If I had known just for one __________
You’d be back upon your __________


*Put the words in the correct order:
go  door  well  now  oh  the  out  walk
around  turn  just  now  anymore  cause  welcome  not  you’re
you  weren’t  who  one  the  break  to  tried  your  lie  with  me  ?
I’d  do  think  crumble  you  ?
lay  think  on  own  die  my  do  you  I’d  down  and  ?
survive  I  will
*Choose the correct word:
For as long as I know how to live / love
I know I’ll / I’d stay alive
I’ve got all my life to live /give
I’ve got all my love to live / give
And I’ll survive, I will survive
*Put the verses in the correct order:
And I’ve been out so many nights just feeling sorry for myself
I took the strength I had not to fall apart
I used to cry, but I hold my head up
Just trying hard to mend the pieces of my broken heart
*Fill in the gaps:
And you see ________
Somebody _______
I’m not that chained up little person still in _______ with you
And so you felt like banging _______and just expected me to be _______
Now I’m saving all my _____ for someone who’s loving ______



Don't worry about a _________,   (kiss - thing -  think)
'Cause every _____thing’s gonna be all right. (little - lethal - liquid)
Singin': Don't worry about a__________,
'Cause every ____________ thing’s gonna be all right!
Rise up this ____________,  (mowing - moaning - morning)
Smiled with the risin' __________,   (son - sun - song)
Three little birds
Pitch by my ____________,  (poster - doorstep - monster)  
Singin' sweet __________   (souls - shows - songs)
Of melodies ___ and ___,  (mule-pure-pyre) (true-blue-through)
Sayin', "This is my______ to you-ou-ou:" (massage-message-messy)
Singin': Don't worry 'bout a________,
'Cause every ________thing’s gonna be all right.
Singin': Don't worry (don't worry) 'bout a _______,
'Cause every _________ thing’s gonna be all right!
Rise up this ___________,
Smiled with the risin' ________,
Three little birds
Pitch by my __________
Singin' sweet _________
Of melodies _________ and _______,
Sayin', "This is my __________ to you-ou-ou:"
Singin': …………….

SAY A LITTLE PRAYER (Aretha Franklin)


I say a little prayer for you.

I say a little prayer for you.
Forever and ever you’ll stay in my heart
And I will love you.
Forever and ever we never will part,
Oh how I’ll love you.
Together, together that’s how it must be.
To live without you
Would only mean heartbreak for me.


I say a little prayer for you.


I say a little prayer for you.
My darling, believe me,
For me there is no one
But you.
Please love me too.
I’m in love with you.
Answer my prayer.


Before I put on my make-up                        While combing my hair now
And all through my coffee break time          At work I just take time
Wondering what dress I'm gonna wear         The moment I wake up
 I run for the bus dear                                  While riding I'm thinking of us dear


Completa la canción con las palabras dadas.

Oh, kisses sweeter than wine (BIS)
When I was a _______ man and never been kissed
I got to thinking over what I had missed.
I got me a ________, I kissed her and then,
oh Lord, I ___________ her again.
Oh, kisses sweeter than wine (BIS)
He asked me would I _____ and be his sweet _________
And we would be so _______ all of our_________.
He begged and he pleaded like a natural _________
And then, oh Lord, I gave him my__________.
Oh, kisses sweeter than wine.
I worked mighty ________and so did my wife,
Working hand in hand to ________a good life.
With corn in the _______ and wheat in the ________,
Then, oh Lord, I was the father of_________.
Our ________numbered just about___________,
They all had sweethearts a-knocking on the_________,
They all got _________ and they didn’t_____________:
I was, oh Lord, the ____________of eight.
Oh, kisses sweeter than wine.
Now we are ________ and ready to ____________,
We get to thinking what __________a long time________,
We had a lot of________, trouble and__________,
But, oh Lord, we’d do it____________.
Kisses sweeter than wine.

wife  old  field  life  hand  young  grandmother  children  bins  pain  married  go  hesitate  kids  happy  marry  four  ago  girl  twins  again  door  kissed  make  man  hard  happened

MARTHA (Tom Waits)

Completa la canción con las vocales que faltan.

Operator, n_mb_r please
It’s been so many y_ _rs
Will she r_m_mb_r my old voice
While I fight the t_ _rs
Hello hello there is th_s Martha
This is _ld Tom Frost
And I am c_ll_ng long distance
Don’t worry _b_ _t the cost
‘cause it’s been forty years or more
Now Martha pl_ _s_ recall
Meet me out for c_ff_ _
Where we’ll t_lk about it all

And those w_r_ the days of r_s_s
Poetry and pr_s_ and Martha
All I had was you
And all y_ _ had was m_
There was no t_m_rr_w
We p_ck_d away our sorrows
And we s_v_d them for a rainy day

And I feel so much _ld_r now
You’re much older t_ _
How’s your h_sb_nd
And how’s your k_ds
You know that I got m_rr_ _d too
Lucky that you found s_m_ _ne_
To m_k_ you feel s_c_r_
‘cause we w_r_ all
So young and f_ _l_sh
Now we are m_t_r_ and

And I was so _mp_ls_v_
I g_ _ss that I still am
And all that really m_tt_r_d then
Was that I was a man
I guess that our being t_g_th_r
Was n_v_r meant to be
Martha I l_v_ you
Can’t you s_ _


And I remember quiet _v_n_ngs
Tr_mbl_ng cl_s_ to y_ _

ANGIE (The Rolling Stones)

Completa los espacios en blanco.

Angie, Angie, _____________ will those
clouds all disappear?
Angie, Angie, _____________ will it lead
Us from __________?
With no loving in our souls
And no ___________ in our coats,
You can’t ________ we’re satisfied.
But Angie, Angie, you can’t say
We _________ tried.
Angie, you’re _____________, but
Ain’t it time we said ______________?
Angie, I still ______________    ____________
Remember all those ____________ we cried.
All the _____________ we held so close
Seemed to all go up in ________________.
Let me whisper in your ______________:
Angie, Angie, ______________ will it lead
Us from ___________?

Oh Angie, ______________ you weep, all
Your ____________ still taste sweet.
I hate that sadness in your _______________.
But Angie, Angie, ain’t it time
We said ______________?

With no loving in our souls
And no _____________ in our coats
You can’t ___________ we’re satisfied.
But Angie, I still _____________    ___________ baby,
Everywhere I ____________ I see your __________,
There ain’t a _____________ that comes
Close to you.
__________   ______baby, dry your ___________.
Angie, Angie, ain’t it good _______   _______ alive?
Angie, Angie they can’t say we ___________ tried.